Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

St Bartholomew's

It was due to rain all day today - and indeed it has!  I therefore got up in the dark and out at about 6.45am as I thought that even if it was raining, the streetlights, etc. might make all look a bit more cheerful.  Actually, at that time it was hardly raining, so I felt pleased with myself ;))

This is St Bartholomew's Church in Hyde.  It describes itself as, 'the only active remnant of Hyde Abbey, the final resting place of King Alfred the Great, his Queen Aelswitha and their son Edward the Elder'.  Hyde Abbey was a mighty institution until Henry VIII got his hands on it.  I have several pieces of the scattered dressed stone from the abbey at the end of my garden, including one that held a gate hinge.  What a weird claim to fame indeed!

For my purposes today, though, this shot made the grade into my journal because of it's very useful floodlighting.

News Year's Eve - and in Australia, I gather, already New Year's Day.  Have a good one, lovely blipfriends.  Happy New Year  xx

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