Happy Rabbit Year

Strava Day 577. 

Featured photo is Tita Dang (T's aunt and friend) with Trevor, a doe and T with Fluffy, a buck. In the foreground is Chew's mom, Whitey.  Borrowed B's camera and used our Petzval (after ____ years). 

This is a lucky shot since it is quite difficult to focus with a Petzval and even more difficult to get T's genuine smile captured. Definitely adding the other rabbit shots in the extras. 

Grateful to the entire "production team" behind this: B, Gramps and T for agreeing to be still. He wanted Olivia, his rabbit, to join the shoot but since he has somehow neglected Olivia (Gramps is often the one feeding her), Olivia threw a fit when she was lifted from her cage and thus we decided to borrow Trevor and Fluffy for this planned blip. 
Have an amazing 2023!

Bored Panda feature

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