By biddy

Sutton Park Nature Reserve. Jan 1st 2023

We went for a walk after our Sunday dinner. It has been incredibly mild today at 10C earlier.
Lots of people had decided to do the same thing and it was good to see the Park being well used.
You can leave the main tarmac pathways and wander on the field and woodland paths, which are generally less busy, and walking boots are a necessity when it has rained a lot, (although you do see people in all kinds of footwear!)
We left one of the main paths and I always love being amongst trees or on the heathland where the bracken is now the crisp orangey brown of winter.
As we neared home the daylight hours are just now beginning to be noticeably lengthening bit by bit..
When I went up the garden this morning to replenish the bird feeders, I noticed plenty of signs of new shoots poking up through the soil in the borders.
Fingers crossed the pesky squirrel will leave them alone!
It’s now time for tea at 17:00hrs and dark outside..
Tomorrow I’ll make a start on dismantling the Christmas decorations and the tree, which we will take outside to plant in the garden.

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