One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Nouvelle vague

I caught it. With my shrivelled goolies. The first wave of the year. Let's hope there will be many more.

The day had started much brighter, and crunchy, and frosty, and lovely. 

Luca had even set his alarm clock to go for a walk with Nana and the doggies, down to her beach. 
But by the time she was ready (the dogs always are), the weather had taken a dark turn. What is it with creatures of the XX chromosome that makes them unable to leave a house promptly? It's not like it is a particularly complex enterprise: put on a coat, grab keys, leave. But not for the women in my life oh no. Leaving the house involves several rounds of checks, of switching things on and off, of taking things and putting them back, and going back in to take them after all, and rechecking all doors and windows, and finally locking the doors, and going back in for one last item, and one last round of checks. 

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