David J. Rose

By djrose007

Punk Biker!

A strange way to celebrate New Years Day, you may think. It wasn't really my choice, of course.
It all started with Lennon getting four pegs to hold up a throw, because Eric and Buddy wanted to make 'a den'.
Those four pegs created a demand for pegs after they were attached to Daniels clothing.
The children soon moved on to my beard, and Eric even tried to peg my moustache but that hurt far too much. It was a lot easier on me when they used the longer beard hair.
In the photo to the right you can see the culprits.
The photo at the top is after we moved on to dessert, Hendrix had already left the table, after asking if he could do so. 14 for dinner today.
I used it because I thought Marlane's hair was looking rather nice and neat.
Lennon is standing up because he was on his way to our end, of the table, for more raspberry bakewell tart!

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