By Viewpoint

Feed me ...

I think this must be one of last years pheasants as she's so certain that if she calls and runs under my feet that I''ll immediately go and get more food.  On the whole the 6 sisters are much tamer or maybe braver than their 3 male cousins.  The ground is now so sodden that the area around the feeding stations looks a bit like a farm yard.  I'd move the  support stands but I'm not sure where to.

I spent an hour trying to put back together a feeder I'd dismantled for cleaning.  They say wash the feeders because of disease and cross contamination but I do wish someone would invent an easy clean version.

Tai Chi for only eight of us this morning, plus Richard our tutor.  We have several new people, so it did mean that we could go through the introduction to the form a few times.  I can't count how many times in the years I've been doing it that I have re-rehearsed the beginning form.  I don't think I've ever got to the end and I think I've been doing it for ten years.

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