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Sorry we damaged it

I filled in a 'send me a sample' form I found shared on Facebook in November. The sample arrived today in a 'sorry we damaged your post' bag. (The outer package was torn). Proud owner of 2 mini cans of Coke Zero that I’m entirely certain I shall never taste once the offspring spy them.

Thoughts for the day: Cars are annoying. New spring today, 2 new tyres required tomorrow. Hopefully nothing more the day after! Work was very busy. Closing for a week between Christmas and New Year creates panic. Mr E thought he had left his coat one place yesterday, turned out he hadn’t so I spent some of the morning phoning every place we visited in town yesterday. Miracle of miracles it was in the Shopping Centre so has been reclaimed. It was, of course, the Ulster Rugby coat that is likely the most ‘spensive he has ever owned.

Blanket Update: not finished, but the night is yet young!

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