By GracieG

Light at the End of the Tunnel

M went to Norwich today to see the new Avatar film.  I've been cooped up at home with some sort of throat bug for a few days but happily felt better today so went along for the ride, left him at the cinema and spent a happy 3 hours wandering around Norwich with my camera.

I watched a live demonstration of 'Intentional Camera Movement' photography by Stephanie Johnson via 'MyPhotoClub' yesterday and was inspired by her excellent talk to try some more ICM shots myself.  I got a bit carried away and took over 350 photos, most of which I expect I'll delete but there are a few that I liked.  This is the illuminated tunnel near the market in Norwich and I guess today is the last day before it's dismantled.  The light was just beginning to fade around 3pm when I took this.  I used the zoom on my lens turning it from fully extended to its shortest length during the exposure.

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