By GenuineBlip

Another Snow Day

A quick drive outside of Reno is a great little place to snowshoe, especially if one is feeling a bit intimidated to drive the winding, slushy roads at higher elevation to get to the groovier spots by Lake Tahoe.  We started up the mountain, but after a few gusts of wind blew snow and blocked our view, we decided maybe hiking on a ridge might not be a good idea. We opted to be cautious and were rewarded by a lovely hike through the pine forest at Galena Creek Park.  It was early in the day so we had the place mostly to ourselves.  The snow was powdery and deep.  I loved the sound of the snow shoes crushing the snow as my they sunk down deep into the white some places sinking up to my knees.  We did not have a view of Lake Tahoe, but we did have a lovely view of the snow-covered mountains...and a view of a bridge on I-395.

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