Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Yes, it's an emergency robin today.

For the first time in what seems ages  though is probably only about 8 days, we saw the sun properly this morning.  Unfortunately it was also the day I'd booked for some work to be done in the house, so I couldn't take blipping advantage.  I did go out early to feed the robins (of which this is one) and a lurking jay but then had to come straight back - no looking for kingfishers or deer ;(

Talking of kingfishers, I do have to say an enormous thank you to you all for being so kind to yesterday's.  Really very much appreciated!

The rest of the time has been spent overlooking a huge range of small jobs being done - new bookcase made, new de-humidifier of unnecessary complication working, knob back on cupboard door, another door planed to stop it sticking, the reason my fridge is working but sometimes leaking explained, rug attached to carpet, etc, etc.  Feels good to have all the irritations sorted.

And tonight is Twelth Night (unless you know better) so the decs will be coming down, but I'm leaving that job to K.  Phew!

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