My daily photo.

By kayakgirl

New Project.

Very early this morning I had a bald eagle sitting in an open spot and took a few photos, but the ISO was over 12,800 and yes I could have messed with it but I took this quick shot (wish I had taken a little more time) of dad working on his new project, plant stands.  The garage door was open and a little weak sunlight was shinning in.  I had a vision for the photo, but didn't quite get it and will try again next time.  I had to drive into Portland this morning to take my ball head to the camera repair place it is sticking and no adjustment seems to help.  They agree that there is a problem and will let me know what they think next week.  Husband is a little bit better and I'm hoping since it has been 9 days that I'm going to avoid it. 

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