I Witness

By KangaZu

Having Fun ...

... at Housenick Park.

Once again we got out at lunch time for a enjoyable walk at Housenick Memorial Park.  At one point we encountered this woman throwing a frisbee for her dog.  And I was able to get several good shots of the action ... you can see the frisbee in both shots!  We warned her that we've seen people get citations for having their dogs off leash but she didn't seem to care.   Although she did stop throwing the frisbee at that point and left the park.   Please take a look in gallery view ... I'm partial to the bottom shot of the two featured here. 

I had an appointment with a new cardiologist this morning ... not that I'm having any heart problems at the moment.  I had requested a refill Rx from my old cardiologists office and they said that they couldn't fill it because I hadn't seen the doctor for over a year.  Well ... long story short ... I had to see a new doctor as my old one had left the practice.  I really liked this new doctor ... he actually suggested that I stop the high blood pressure meds for now.  He wants me to monitor my blood pressure at home for the next few weeks and I follow up in early February to go over my readings.  Then we will see what he suggests after that.  Stay tuned ...

We had our normal eat-out night today ... eating at Perkins Restaurant.  I got their Breakfast Burger ... which is a hamburger with an fried egg on top ... yum!  R got breakfast for dinner ... opting for the pancakes and eggs combo.  

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