By mollyblobs


I met up with some friends for a walk round the Christ's College Pits area this morning, so that they could see the land that Langdyke Countryside Trust is hoping to purchase later this year. After a bright start the sun disappeared behind hazy cloudd providing an atmospheric backdrop for the group of Cormorants that regularly inhabit this veteran oak.

There was more wildlife around than on my last visit, and we spotted a group of seven Roe Deer in the distance, spied a Grey Wagtail flying along the South Drain and saw a pair of Stonechats working their way though the young plantation woodland, which currently provides an ideal mix of scrubby growth and long grass.

It was also wonderful to watch a flock of over two hundred Lapwing riding the breeze, swirling around with no obvious intention of landing. Later we had very close views of a  Kestrel which was hunting along the Maxey Road. The stiffish breeze enabled it to remain stationary, hanging in the air without needing to hover, its head held perfectly still while it scanned the verges for prey. 

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