By Ingleman

St. Michael's Church, Munslow

A fine day out, walking in Corvedale. Me, Mrs I and Hollie dog.

An achievement in itself as Mrs I has severe mobility issues due to rheumatic arthritis. She walked two and a half miles. Probably the farthest she has walked since we climbed up to Trotternish on Skye, her last great outing.

Today we visited the bucolic village of Munslow and the wonderful St Michael's Church (blipped before). The collage shows two views of this fine old church. One of the wonderful stained glass windows and the rather precipitous stairway to the upper reaches of the old Norman tower.

We stopped often, talking and meeting villagers.who all seemed amiable and chatty. 

The weather was kind, the dog had a great run out and we got back as it was getting dark. 

Happy days. 

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