By soozaday

San Lorenzo River

It's when those renegade trees hit the bridge that you have a problem. The intersection further up river was closed a few days ago so they could get cranes in to remove some dangerous logs. All that wood makes its way to the ocean; the river mouth is full of trees churning around in the tide. The river did not overflow, although it came up a fair amount; the debris line was higher than the footpath, but thankfully still lower than the road.

Today was dry and almost sunny, but we're due for a couple more storms before this is over. We must have made the national news--East coast family and friends are checking in to see if we're okay. And we are. At one point this afternoon, however, every road leading in or out of town was closed due to downed trees, mudslides, potholes, sinkholes, flooding, slippage and general mayhem. It reminds me of the big earthquake in 1989 when we were isolated for several days. There is a lot of damage in the mountains, and in coastal areas around here. I've seen photos of places I know well that are under water, and I can't imagine how things will ever get back to normal. 

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