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By steveng

That Bridge again (widwed110123)

I made a quick trip out to Charlecote this morning before the rain arrived.  Not able to think of another bridge I could get to in the time and photograph without the sun causing issues I have stuck with one of my favourite viewpoints. 

Much better seen in large.

The recent rain has brought up the level of the river so the weir (in the extras)  is running quite high and will likely be seeing more water tomorrow.  I've only recently found out the weir (cascade) was put in by Capability Brown.   I'm not entirely sure about the bridge, another one on the edge of the estate (as it is now) carries the road to Stratford and was put in at about the same time as the weir to move the road away from the house.
How that fits in with this one I'm not sure - this might predate that work as the old road was close to what is now the drive to the house, so this bridge would have been the route for anyone going on to Stratford.

Thanks to Jensphotos for hosting and check out her extra if you are a panorama fan.

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