Lost in Thought

By steveng

Blipmeet Ketchup

Blipmeet in Stratford today - more social than photographic - discussion ranged widely on:

Finland, Hats, ketchup, Gluten, camera clubs, food, men in suits, statistics, Fujitsu, governments, competence, photography, penguins, incompetence, who knew what when, honours lists, GPs, surgery, tea, blippers, coffee, cake, flapjack, menus, WhatsApp, news, social media, ring tones, table service, photography, Lucy's Mill, BHS, town centres, Wordle, software, IT, projects, management, blame, temperature, bridge, lock, river, canal, Colin P Witter, putting the world to rights, condiments, Barbie, what to blip, Horizon, Holy Trinity, theatre,  not technically minded, memories, empathy, accountancy, cars, blipmeets, Hidcote, spring, sausages, Foundation, winter, breakfast, cholesterol, medication, statins, Roka, shopping, gadgets, AI, books, hospitals, pensions, bus passes, parking, reversing sensors, bacon sandwiches, life, the universe, everything.

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