Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Getting dark

It rained all day.

I was so unwell last night I found eating horrible, went to bed very early, then slept until 12.30 today.  Very unlike me.  However, at the end of the afternoon I dragged myself into town with a camera.

I know this guy a bit.  Hazel and I meet him very often on our walks.  He tries to give Hazel biscuits.  I have to remind him each time she has allergies so no thanks.

Today he was keeping dry under the Pentice as it was getting dark, standing up but so slammed on tinnies I don't know how he kept his feet.  The answer is he probably didn't for much longer after I took this.

My unwellness has made me very muddle-headed today.  I think it's just a delayed reaction to the stuff they gave me at the hospital so I'm for an early night.  K's not well either.  What a family!

Hope your day's been rather better than mine.  Enjoy your evening and have a happy tomorrow

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