Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

More black than white

Today was absolutely gorgeous - misty, sunny, breathtaking.  So I went to the reserve and then on up to Morn Hill.  I enjoyed it all but with a lunchtime meet in town hadn't really given myself enough time to blip.  The pictures were few and not what I wanted to post.  So I got home, put my feet up, did a bit of commenting on your lovely journals, then raced out as it was getting dark for a picture for WidWed with its 'black and white' theme.

Above is a shot of Canon Street - not unknown to this journal.  I hope you like it.

Tomorrow and Friday are apparently going to be high blue days like today, so in the morning I shall be repeating this morning's walk but giving myself more time.

Many thanks to BobsBlips for hosting today's WidWed.  And happy Wednesday evening/Thursday morning to you all  xx

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