By soozaday

The Path is Getting Narrower

Here's a section of the ocean path that we walk on several times a week. See how it's eroding. This is an area that got a new retaining wall not that long ago--it looks like the concrete held, but the fence got knocked to pieces by the storm, and the protective rocks were washed away, so the asphalt is very vulnerable. There are several areas along the trail that are barricaded like this; pedestrians move into the roadway, and through traffic has been rerouted. There are many discussions about what to do in the long run to keep everyone safe while offering maximum accessibility. My guess is that they will end up going to one-way traffic, at least part of the way. There simply is no room for the present scheme to continue.

We had a good sunny day. Very nice to get out for a walk. I saw lots of folks on bicycles, more than usual. I pruned some roses and then came in when it got chilly. 

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