Yesterday I said that today would be wilder, but the weather was different.  There was a wind but not strong enough to make big waves and as you can see the sun is out over |Scotland.  You can see the outline of Criffel, which you couldn't see the other day.  The tide is out and I was expecting to find a washed up seal, but that had been removed as had the pilot whale of the other day.  Not much luck in getting an unusual Blip.  That isn't ice in the mid-ground, but remaining water on the deep orange sand.
The only people on the beach at that time were two dog walkers who were able to walk upright and not at forty-five degrees as there wasn't that much wind to speak of. We'll see what happens overnight.
While on one knee taking a low angled photo an orange ball arrived.  Behind me was a dog waiting for me to throw it for him/her, which I did.  If it wasn't for the owner I could have been playing for a long time.  Again not a bad thing.  That would have been the 'icing on the cake.'
The extra shows my new friend.
Those of you who are superstitious, Friday 13th and all that, nothing untoward happened while out.  Back home the laptop wouldn't work!  Obviously I got it going or you wouldn't be reading this.
I'm going to check up on Allonby as there was a board giving details about the village: a fishing village, herring caught and boat breaking.  There is also a lane called 'Fisher Lane.'
Have a lovely weekend.  Those who are near rivers I hope you remain safe.  Cheers everyone.

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