By Terrifo

Helleborus White

There was sun today, but a cold wind. Had aerobics this morning, it was tough but great fun. We did it to a samba beat, and we for the drum beat we used wooden spoons or chopsticks as drum sticks. Certainly got the heart beat up! :-)

With the weather due to change tomorrow, I did a quick shop, dropped a couple items in to one of the charity shops, and popped into the local Police Station, to hand in some items. Then back home, and did a quick clear out of a drain pipe that was full of debris, so the rain forecast hopefully will not be bouncing over the top of the guttering.

I am way behind on your photos dear Blippers and will catch up soonest, In the meantime thank you for dropping by and for your comments and rewards, much appreciated as always. Hope you have a great weekend, and take care :-) x

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