By Paladian


You run the risk of being overloaded by BBB's.  However, there is a reason for this.  I have an acquaintance who produces the most amazing macros using a tiny mirrorless camera with a macro lens. 

So .... long story short ... I am revisiting my mirrorless Canon M6.  At this stage I'm using an adapter with the big Canon lens but If I can relearn the camera (it's been quite a long time) ... I shall use it more in future.  
A .. the macro lens is a good deal less expensive than the macro lens for the 6D
B .. it's much lighter to cart around on extended expeditions.

I'm more than a bit happy with this image of the blue banded bee,  It's a female (4 bands - the males have 5), plus she's fully loaded with nectar ready to deposit at the end of the tunnel for her larva.

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