By AnnieBelle

Strahan, West Coast of Tasmania

Today we traversed the island of Tasmania, from Hobart in the east to Strahan in the west. It was 300km, much of which is a two lane highway with lots of ups, downs and winding. Arriving at Strahan was the reward.

Strahan, on the shores of Macquarie Harbour, is a former port which serviced the mining and logging industries of Western Tasmania in the 19th century. Today Strahan has a population of about 700, not counting the thousands of tourists who visit year round.

The main photo shows a derelict barge which might have played a role in the movement of cargo in years gone by. We stumbled upon it on a short post prandial walk, among other derelict structures in the water.

The extra shows a few old salts. 

Thanks for hosting Marlieske. Have a great start to the week. 

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