A day in the life

By Shelling


This is one of the moments I like best with my work on the theatre as an audience-host. The hour before the show when everyone is doing their thing in preparation for the show. I'm checking all the audience areas, that they are ok and safe, all the lamps are lit, everything is looking inviting and ready for a show. The actors and the musicians are checking their personal challenges and sometimes running through a small part of a number that feels it can do with a slight check of a detail. Here, singers and performers Anna and Martina, still in their robes, is checking in on the musicians of the orchestra in a chatty sort of way, that they are doing ok. We are all professional in our doings but still private, until the audience take their seats and the magic begins.

The rest of the day has passed in a good way. I'm preparing two different shows, one on the computer arranging songs for May, another for a performance on Saturday. Outside are rain and strong winds, we're expecting storm for the evening and night up to 25 m/s. With all the dead, huge branches over my home, I never know if I'm waking up after the storm in safety or having to evacuate because a branch just crushed the house. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, you'll know.

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