Iris Ibis and All Her Friends

Somebody had dropped a whole lot of seed and bread for the birds near the bus station this morning and Iris Ibis was partial to some bread and the pigeons were all over the seeds! : ).  
Loved all the dark and light areas and the shadow on Iris ; )

In extras is one of my geraniums with the sun hitting some of its leaves and then there is the early appearance this morning of the other three of the quartet of night bloomers, they are stunning!! : )

Work was ridiculously busy and I just stood and booked in job after job for most of the day, my legs are so sore ugh!!  I’m trying not to complain as it is a good thing to be busy! Eeek!

Thanks to Skeena for hosting ; )

I’m too tired and must go to bed, catch up tomorrow night!! Xxxx

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