By TECHris

Water & Sweets

Attended an all morning information session at one of the downtown hotels. The event was sponsored by three IT companies who promoted their wares for three hours in somewhat engaging sessions. It's not the vendors' fault, the material can be dry - even for people who use the products and are interested in the latest developments. So the presenters do their best by taking frequent breaks and promising prizes at the end (two Apple TV boxes were given away today).

The hotel conference centre catered the event with a continental breakfast buffet in the lobby. Inside the conference room each table was set with glasses of (stale) ice water and bowls of hard candy. I usually treat the candy as a last resort for staving off the yawns. Didn't have to go that far today as I was able to stick to the fresh fruit from the buffet and wrapped chocolate wafers from the registration table.

Taken with Pureshot on an iPhone 4S and cropped, burned, sharpened and vignetted in SnapSeed on an iPad.

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