By TECHris


I drive past this crumbling old shed in Pippy Park a couple of times a week. It is set back from the road about a hundred feet in a yard that is slowly being reclaimed by evergreens, birch trees and grass. (Pippy Park is protected from development; occupied dwellings can be maintained but not expanded, and unoccupied and unused structures must be allowed to fade away.)

When I first noticed the shed years ago it was merely a weathered outbuilding. Now with the passage of time it has become quite dilapidated. The shed faces a busy road but, because of its distance from the pavement, I'm sure most people who drive by have never seen it.

It is sad that a building that once had purpose is now just waiting to be plowed back into the earth.

Taken with an iPhone 4S using PureShot and then cropped, tuned and enhanced in Snapseed. I realize the look is somewhat artificial - I wanted a contrasty image to highlight the texture of the clapboard, but I was not close enough. I decided to make the most of the sky instead. Perhaps I'll be bolder next time (there is a house next door) and get closer.

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