By TECHris

Six Point Two

This hand-built test meter was rescued from an old steam plant (circa 1950's) shortly before demolition in the 1990's. It has been stored in my garden shed ever since where I came upon it today while searching for garden furniture. The gauge, switch, potentiometer and terminals are mounted in a wooden index card file.

The steam plant was state-of-the-art when built and was well-maintained. The control systems were extensive and had been upgraded and modernized during the plant's lifetime. So I am intrigued by the need for one of the operators to fabricate this meter from parts on hand. There are no units specified on the gauge so it's purpose is a mystery. The switch is labelled "Source" and "Meter".

The craftsmanship is at the 'make-do' level however the unit has a certain amount of charm - largely due to the adapted wooden case.

Staged in a makeshift light box made of corrugated plastic sheets and lit by indirect sunlight from a nearby window. A weak battery was connected to get a reading on the meter. Taken on an iPhone 4S with PureShot and then rotated, tuned and sharpened in Snapseed on an iPad.

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