By AnnieBelle

Green scarab beetles

Today we arrived at Cradle Mountain. We are staying in a beautiful hotel set in the bush where wildlife abounds. When we got to our room I opened the door to the balcony and when next I turned around I saw that a black currawong, a species endemic to Tasmania, had come into the room. I coaxed it out and it posed nicely on the balcony rail (see extra). This evening we got up close to a wombat and saw a little wallaby, shyer than the wombat.

My tiny Tuesday offering is two green scarab beetles mating. It must be the season as single ones weren't the norm.

This afternoon we took advantage of the national park hop on hop off bus and did some walks around Cradle Mountain. Pics of this tomorrow, as we will be going again, further and deeper.

Thanks for hosting Pinkhairedlady. 

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