By TrishaR


A beautiful winters day.

We walked down to Homesense as they have good pots for plants at a good price and needed one for one that I repotted.

We popped into costa across the road from Homesense mainly cos I needed the loo but got a Cortado as well. I don’t like the massive thick cups that they serve the coffee in at Costa but a Cortado is a nice little glass and it’s the only drink I would buy from them. We don’t go there very often but it’s quite a nice new shop. We were talking about how much more expensive coffee is in the U.K. compared to when we are in Spain, Portugal or Italy. And it’s also just as good. Probably a Brexit thing or maybe they wouldn’t pay as much as we do here.

Laura and the boys popped in after tea. We were getting in to Cameron about how much he needed a hair cut! The. I remembered the same conversation my mum had with me at his age and I just pure ignored her.

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