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By creativelenna

The Company Ledger

Here is my grandfather's Ledger from E.T. Andrews & Co, circa 1933, the year my father was born. The photo in the frame is my dad & me out to dinner in 1996. My dad's name is also "E.T.A." and he went to work at the company when my parents were married & he later ran the business. It was an Investment company; stocks & bonds -in Hartford, CT, for many years. My great grandfather, also E.T.A, started the company! 

I had a blank wooden tray that I wanted to use as an In-Box, but it was just so plain. Also, it had ink stains on the wood from holding some of my inky rubber stamps at one time. I thought, well what if I collage it with paper and make it prettier? 

When I went into my studio to look for paper, I remembered the ledger my dad had given me for my art. I found a page with the 1933 date, AND my grandfather's name at the top. I copied it with my printer, leaving the original page securely in the ledger. I used matte medium to add the ledger page, plus a couple of strips of a different ledger page I had added color to, to fill out the entire bottom of the tray. See the extras!

I love how it came out! I lost my dad to cancer in 2011, so it is lovely to work with something from his livelihood *a means of securing the necessities of life.* And, to look at the photo of us, once more. 
xo lenna

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