By Shutterup


Fun session today.. I have played around with the image of my painting and reduced it to sepia to see if the shadows were working and actually I think I rather prefer it in monochrome..   I am not sure I will be bothered to paint animals with pattern on their fur to this detail again.. but others will so that's all good. I had giraffe painting dega vu !!

This afternoon we had a chap come and see a woodburner we need to have taken out in order to repair the plaster all around it.  I think we will then need to replace the woodburner as this one is a bit of a dinosaur and requires updating for building regs etc.. sigh.  Still if it is more efficient (smaller and more user friendly) I cannot complain.
This afternoon was spent getting my head around what to do now all the photos off my iphone which are up in the 'cloud'.  I had read that it was no problem to download the original full res photos from the cloud onto my pc.. using the newly downloaded app for windows I started to investigate.. seemingly all the originals are now in the cloud and not even on my phone.. think I have shot myself in the foot there.  The app only downloads images that are half the size they were.. ie a 1Mb photo I emailed to myself of the tulips the other day is downloading to my pc at 415Kb.. and I cannot seem to change it.  Does anyone know how to download the originals to a pc?... I am at breaking point! There are 12,500 of them.. and although i can access them happily to look at on the pc and on my phone I just want to download the originals at full size to put on my hard drive storage. 
Weeping gently as I come to terms that I have been duped.. by apple.. 

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