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BCsplash: Mono Monday: Week 468 ...equals nine!

That's 468 weeks or nine years of Mono Mondays!  For everyone new to Blipfoto, Mono Monday is one of our weekly challenges - which are all run by blippers, for fun! 

KangaZu tagged her wonderful Mono Monday entry for us to use on social media so we're taking this opportunity to make sure our newer members know of the daily challenges they can take part in. 

You can discover more about Blipfoto Challenges in the Community section of our website where you'll find regular updates telling you the tag to use for the upcoming week which will ensure your photo is included.  

As a quick rundown, these are some of the regular photography challenges with links to the live challenge details where we've got them.  If we've missed any or you can add helpful details for upcoming challenges, please add them into the comments.

Mono Monday
Tiny Tuesday
Wide Wednesday
Wild Wednesday 
Abstract Thursday
Flower Friday
Silly Saturday (monthly)
Derelict Sunday  

We mentioned the Tiny People Stories a few weeks ago too.

Don't be shy taking on hosting some of these challenges if the opportunity arises - remember it's all fun and you don't have to be a photography expert to be part of it. It's a great way of getting to know a few more blippers.

Thank you for the time you all put in to these challenges to make our community so special. 

Enjoy taking part!

By the way...

Have you discovered that we’re a community-owned company?  

This means that blippers who pay a membership fee support the running of Blipfoto.  A significant part of our community being able to commit to a paid membership, as well as the volunteers who offer their time and expertise behind the scenes, is the reason we’re here today.  

We’d like to thank everyone who is able to pay, for your continued support.  We also hope that when you love Blipfoto as much as we do, if you can, you’ll consider a fully paid membership too.

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