By Wildwood

Sonoma Valley Sky

The water shortage has affected everybody....
Now it is pouring rain, the reservoirs are all full, and there is no place to store any more water. But the rain will sink into the aquifer in all the flat fields and vineyards which will provide some storage.
The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water from Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino. Both reservoirs are almost full and the released  water will go into the sea. 
California needs more water storage.

I went to my Pilates class today. Since I had to go straight from there to the dermatologist I attempted to wear something that would transition well. My layering strategy didn't work too well. I've been cold all day.

We woke to a cloudless  blue sky. Victor and Aurelio were finishing up the deck in back while Dave rebuilt the attic vent covers out in the driveway. We had a conversation about the rain expected later in the day, scanned the cloudless sky and wondered if it would actually come to pass.

The clouds can come in quickly. This is the way the sky looked when when I was on my way back from giving my pound of flesh...No scalpels were used today but liberal use was made of the little innocent looking spray canister of frozen nitrogen, and I have to go back in three months for her to look me over again.... The crew was just finishing up as the rain began. They put back the porch furniture along the edge of the deck so Spike can use his dog door again and won't fall off before the railing goes in. 

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