Breathe In And Out...

By ScotNatureBoy

Backblip: The Forbidden Palace, Beijing, China

BACKBLIP: I was unable to blip while I was away in China for over two weeks in November (blipfoto is not accessible there) and was busy when we came home so I missed a lot of daily blips. I'm attempting to catch up!
We spent an afternoon wandering through the amazing complex of the Forbidden City in Beijing, somewhere we've both wanted to visit for many years. While the grand courtyards and palace buildings are spectacular and breathtaking, the level of intricate detail, original and restored, is what most caught my eye. This photo of a palace roof shows the typical construction, with a gold-coloured lacquer applied to the roof tiles, and a beautiful gilt or brass pan on the gable. We could have spent days there (if baby had permitted it - her boredom threshold was lower than ours!) but at least we brought back a couple of hundred photos!

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