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It's probably too late anyway since the film was released last September.

I was looking for something colourful in Witney today for Abstract Thursday. It was a toss up between this and some watering cans in B&Q. This was more colourful and I liked the red coat matching the text on the bus. I find it hard to take photos in Witney. I always feel self conscious because nobody ever takes photos there.

In other news I was quite pleased with myself this morning as I fixed the pilot light on our gas stove. We hardly ever use it and I'd turned it off because I didn't like the way it was burning. Then I couldn't get it to relight. Although it is now working OK, as we hadn't had it serviced since 2017 I thought it might be an idea to book a proper service. I phoned the installer and the price was OK but they were only taking service bookings for June, or maybe July! I found another company, in fact the one that serviced it in 2017. Another £10 but they can do it this month. Not all companies will do LPG appliances.

Our shopping in Witney was successful by the way. We each got our anniversary and Valentines cards for next month, and also picked up some paint samples for the hall from B&Q.

One year ago:
Minimalist Decor
That red lamp is still there.

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