Soutra wind farm west

I snapped this shot from the car window on the A68 at Soutra this afternoon. We were making our return journey north from St Boswells with some precious elderly cargo that is visiting us for a couple of weeks.

We met Mummy hazelh and my not-so-little sister at the Mainstreet Trading Company café for lunch and the "Pass the Ma-rcel' handover. Mr hazelh narrowly avoided accidental poisoning when he spotted chickpeas in the curry that we all ordered for our meal. This ingredient has not been noted on the menu. It will be in the future! The staff brought Mr hazelh a ploughman's lunch replacement, and my not-so-little sister wolfed down the 'spare' (and now free -of-charge) portion of curry. This is the 'good news' part of the day.

The bad news is that we currently have a minor domestic disaster on our hands. This morning I noticed that our shower water temperature seemed rather low, and Mr hazelh thought the same when he showered after a session on the rowing machine this afternoon. On further investigation, Mr hazelh spotted that our gas boiler has sprung a leak. We have switched it off and booked an engineer for the earliest possible time slot - Saturday morning. We have two portable fan heaters, plus a gas fire in the sitting room, to use between now and then. So we won't freeze, but we will miss hot water for washing.

Exercise today: 40 minutes on the exercise bike; small amount of walking (9502 steps).

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