By PicturePoems


The days are lengthening at both ends. This was this morning's sunrise. Took it on my camera. Went back less than a minute later with my phone, and already the sun was up and dazzling. Such quick changes to the sky at dawn and dusk.

It's been a lovely crisp, sunny day again. Mr PP's been busy in the garden, clearing old garden debris, piled up before we lived here, but not of a rot-down-for-compost nature - thick sticks and branches. Each fortnight, he's filling the green bin and gradually making visible progress. 

I've been indoors, doing domestic jobs and knitting (and snoozing unintentionally). We've both visited Family B, but separately, leaving one of us here waiting in for parcels. One arrived, the second didn't. The latter, supposedly being delivered today by Evri AKA Hermes, has not come. Why am I not surprised?! One parcel they were supposed to deliver last year never arrived. I do hope this one does eventually. 

The birds and I are also waiting for a third parcel: sunflower seed, suet pellets and mealworm. We've almost run out of supplies, and only have a small quantity of pellets left. (They're most popular with starlings and sparrows. And one particular pheasant!)

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