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By Sallymair

A Rolling Boil

I had a lazy start to my day today but once I was up I got going!
I made my second batch of marmalade, one more to go. This jelly pan is one I was given about 5 years ago by our friend Breeks, he of the record shop in Dundee. He told me I was the jam queen so I should have it in exchange for a jar of jam and one of marmalade each year. Sadly he didn't live to collect. There are some people you never expect to die and he was one of them he'd been in our lives since we were 15. I think of him whenever I use it. I have two brass pans as well but now mainly use this one.
For dinner tonight I boiled then baked a rolled joint of ham. I finished it off in the oven with a basting of honey and demerara sugar. It was quite delicious and will be lovely cold for a few days too.
We played bridge online this evening, a little better than on Monday with one inspired small slam on my part so I was very pleased with myself for that.
A funeral tomorrow morning, the friend who died in December.
Later on though, hopefully some good news. Fingers crossed.

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