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By BikerBear

Abstract ..........

 ............ shrub.   This started out as red dogwood branches in the garden.
With thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host this week with the optional challenge of "colourful".


My Walther PPK has been cleaned and handed in.   
The revolving number plates on my car have been removed.  
The smoke guns on the back of same car have been deactivated.   
My raincoat and trilby hat, along with my lapel rose and rolled up copy of the Times have been relegated to a suitcase at the back of a cupboard.   
Missions will no longer be undertaken.
I've no doubt the world be still be a relatively safe place despite all of these!!!    :o))    I was but a very small cog in this thing we call life.

I am now officially a lady (this term used extremely loosely) of leisure.
No retirement package or golden handshake so I am also officially a poor pensioner on the meagre pittance that the UK government (and previous governments) feel is sufficient for an adult to survive!!  (the less said about that the better!).

~ Anni ~

This is Thursday uploaded in the slightly light dark on Friday morning.

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