By WharfedaleBex

Here comes Sonic

I was waltzing along but Sonic The Cloud looked to be in a rush even though the winds were very light.  I've had a blast! It's my first outing outside this year - what with the rain and now frosts, I've just been enjoying Zwift.  On the upside, it meant this cycle to Halton Gill felt divine.  I wore one layer too many, I think, although it meant neither my hands or feet ever froze over and I had extra incentive to take it steady.

The gritter had been all the way up to the village at the end of this valley so I just followed in its tracks.  Today was a degree, maybe two, warmer than yesterday so I just kept my eye out for patches of ice which were only in a couple of places.

I looked to my left as I went past the turning to Malham and the road was completely white.  At then end of this valley, you can head round to Settle and that too was sparkling - no gritter had ventured over the hills.  That was just satisfying really because it made me enjoy a good thousand feet of ascent less on the same distance all the more.  

Nothing like a holiDay in January.

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