By Ingleman


This morning my wife and I moved and stacked a ton of logs that were delivered yesterday. . The second delivery we have had since moving here in September. If we are going to be burning money we might as well enjoy it. 

Then after a light lunch we walked with Hollie dog along the River Onny at Craven Arms, out to the historic settlement of Halford. The Onny twists and turns here and there is a weir, a mill house with working water wheel, and the wonderful church of St Thomas.

The owner of the mill house has connected the wheel up to his home's electricity so all his power is free and surplus power is sold back to the grid. Genius!

The little Church of St Thomas has an unusual open fronted double bell tower, and a superb timber lych gate. With a World War 1 memorial that reads 'They Died That We Might Live'

The charms at Halford make for a pleasing walk and there are plenty of historic buildings to admire.  Cold but sunny day, we had a good ramble and then went  home for tea and hot crumpets. With cherry jam of course. 

I also learned that there are essentially three types of people in the world. 

Those who can count. 

And those who can't.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope all is well with you. 

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