By Stella2

A slight frost

When I first glanced out the window I didn't realise we had a slight frost but a little while later I took a few photos of the nearby hills.  After this the sun came out and we have had a lovely sunny day although a pretty cold one.  I headed out to a morning sprint cycle class and was told that the temperatures in nearby Otterton were 5 degrees colder than those in Exmouth.  No doubt due to the sea factor.

I returned to do a Pilates class and after lunch spent some time looking at the settings required on my camera for night time shooting.  I met up with a couple of fellow photographers at Budleigh and we set up to take some shots of the sky.  The stars were fairly bright and it was very cold.  Unfortunately for me I wasn't familiar enough with my camera to be able to adjust the speed settings and also my fingers were becoming very cold.  It's certainly hard work in the dark and cold.  I gave up and have now spent some time reading up about it so maybe I will try again tomorrow night.

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