By Shutterup

Frost and fog

Frost and fog to start the day leant itself to a slow start and leisurely weekend breakfast.. followed by a spurt of cleaning then a coffee.  We had put off taking a full car load to the recycling centre but today was the day and I drew the lucky straw!!  Wow, it was cold and a lot of effort as most of the skips are high (probably in order not to let people fall in ) so heavy lumping stuff up and into the skips.  It took me about 25 minutes to offload it all but.... IT'S GONE!!!  Yippity dippity doo dah!!!!  Boy that felt good!  Then the long journey home via the butcher for stewing beef for supper.. eldest coming home for the night (and supper) probably needs to do a lot of washing and also enjoy a glass of wine with dinner which means she must stay.. another yippity do dah!  It really is lovely having her so close.. just not for long enough as I think she has to start moving again at the end of Feb.  Next stop the dairy (where I was pleased to see the roads were thawed somewhat.. still a nasty patch of ice in one section but I didn't lose control on the downhill this time. Fresh eggs and a ginger cake (not for me but for the others) and milk of course. Petrol station and home to make the stew.. now a nice cup of tea and relax.. happy saturday all. 
Oh, and the view was from half way down that steep hill.. it really doesn't show the beauty that was beheld.. layer upon layer of hillocks and dwellings in the fog.. glorious! 

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