Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Looking down too

Back to the reserve this morning, hoping things would have improved.  To be honest, they really haven't.  The flooding isn't noticably lower in most places and the ice topping the flood water is thick and dangerous - your foot breaks through then goes for a skid!  So, of course, looking up for birds was mostly out.  The kingfisher was flashing her stuff, but apart from talking to one nice bloke I left her to the birders, none of whom I knew.  So the only bird shot I came back with was this - it amused me, I don't think I've watched a robin drinking out of a puddle before and the reflection, you must admit, is pretty cute.

Although frost and snow can be lovely to blip, it will be nice, won't it, when this cold snap melts away - though I understand we're due for another in February.

Hope the rest of your weekend is fun and that the week begins well for you  xx

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