Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The circus comes to town

Today in the Cathedral Close a huge quantity of filming equipment was being looped round the building like Christmas decorations.  The main shows a guy pointing upwards with an enormous crane by the West Door, on the south side of the cathedral (extra) is a line of - well, what do you call them - platforms on cranes to take lighting rigs?  On the north side were a collection of the biggest lorries I've ever seen.  (And sorry, yes, I've just changed them round).

Film crews seem to like Winchester Cathedral.  It's a great stand in for Westminster Abbey, which I assume is never free for this kind of malarky.

What are they filming?  New episodes of 'The Crown'.

So this is my 'looking up' entry for Skeena's MonoMonday.  Thanks so much for hosting, Skeena

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