Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

A quiet celebration

Today I was rung by my rheumatologist in London.  There has been an on-going question since the beginning of December about whether I have lung cancer.  I don't.  That was the reason I had double scans and a biopsy in December, but the shadow on my lung was described to me this morning as a 'reactive change' and the enlarged lymph nodes are lupus not cancer.  Not entirely unexpected by me, I don't smoke, after all, but the relief was enormous, so I went for a quietly celebratory walk on Winnall Moors  when I got off the phone.

The reserve is very busy right now.  A kingfisher was found dead below the footbridge - though not 'our' kingfisher who was zipping up and down as usual.  I had a talk with RR, the reserve manager, who confirmed what I'd heard, that a dartford warbler is currently to be seen there.  This did surprise me - I knew they were in the New Forest, but didn't expect to see them in Winchester.  Sadly I'm unlikely to get a shot of it as I now know where it hangs out and I simply don't have the equipment to stretch as far as is needed.

Since yesterday heavy machinery has begun digging out the reeds choking the central pond.  Other cutting back is also being done (and river water is still pouring onto the paths).  I've put a couple of blips of this in Extras, really as diary entries.

The main's great tit was lurking in the bushes close to where I feed one of the robins.  Both he and a couple of blackbirds have decided that the food should be for them as well, which is fine by me if I get a shot of them!

Have a lovely evening, dear blipfriends  xx

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