By Ingleman

Wired Fish.

Well, what a strange but strangely pleasing day we had. 

After a stunning sunrise which was genuinely too good to photograph, we went to Wales to check on our old caravan. We did a roof repair in July last year and need to see if it is holding up.


The 'van is high up. On a hill, and accessed via a steep and winding track. Never expected snow. But after the first hairpin bend and attacking the first steep incline I lost it.

The large image in extra shows the point where the car lost its grip and I lost my nerve. I ever so slowly reversed back down and gave up on the 'van. It can wait for another day.

We then took Hollie dog for a great run in Dolerw Park, Newtown, and a brief dip in the Hafren River (Severn)

And finally we stopped on the way home at Mellington Hall Hotel and Holiday Home Park. 

For afternoon tea and scones. They never last long. Once they're scone they're scone.

Then home for an evening meal and Sunday TV. 

Oh, and the main image. One of my mad moments which struck me first thing. I will see who can work it out and give the big reveal tomorrow.

Hope you all had a strangely pleasing weekend. Don't see why I should be the only one having fun.... 

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