Brown Clee Tree

I had to take a drive to Ditton Priors this morning and as it was such a beautiful misty morning I stopped to take some pictures. As you do.

The main is a view of the Brown Clee (at 1770 ft / 540 metres it is Shropshire's highest hill) and it is dressed with masts and other bits of ironwork that have more to do with modern communication than ancient industries.

The extra shows a view of Holy Trinity Church in the little village of Holdgate, so named after it's Norman Lord Helgot who owned the village in 1086 as well as 17 other parishes. Greedy bugger. And why isn't the village called Helgot? Who knows...

The church is ancient and magical. There is a lot going on here (architecturally speaking) and I aim to return for more in depth investigations.

And yesterdays blip was an abstract taken from  a shot of the dazzling morning light leaking in under the curtains in our lounge. It struck me as quite noticable and deserving of some embellishment.

I was suitably rumbled by Ubik, Mumof4Wildlings, HelHSS and Gordon Howe. Clever people, thank you, but I will try harder next time!

Its nearly the weekend but meanwhile I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for looking!

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